Enjoy the sun again!


All colors are also available as Beekeeper's helmets.

The Sun*Fari®is a woven mesh sun hat in the classic

shape of the traditional pith helmet. The open weave of the mesh material allows air to circulate through the hat. The shell is held away from your head by design, making the Sun*Fari®the lightest, coolest hat you can wear during the hot summer months. There is a washable cloth comfort band in the front of the headband. Velcro® is used to close the headband, so our one size will adjust to fit most people.

The open-weave, natural material lets the air flow through for comfort. The double layer construction  means this hat holds it's shape for years!

Sun*Fari Hats can display your company name and logo.

Individual hats are available for delivery in the mainland United States for $32.95, plus shipping and handling.  We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express, and you only need to call the number below or send us an email.


For wholesale orders, please contact us.